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Swati Jain

The Maker, Designer, Architect

An architect by profession, Swati Jain is a design enthusiast whose work revolves around exploring design solutions rooted in context and appropriate for the local region. Her ceramic work is at the intersection of architecture and art – aspiring to create the function without being ‘machinic’. Swati uses all types of hand building techniques (pinch pots, coils, and slabs) in her work. In fact, these were the techniques used by potters before they got the wheel. She believes that not using the wheel lets her express herself without any limits. She plays with clay to learn, unlearn, and express herself. Inspired by nature, she does not believe in creating perfectly symmetric pieces.

Swati has worked in reputed architectural firms for last 14 years and has a rich repertoire of works spanning institutional, residential buildings, sports complexes and offices. Most of her work has involved extensive research on energy efficient technologies and incorporating them at every level in building design. Her interests include sustainability, geometry, testallations, resource conservation, use of natural material, functional design, product design.

Swati is currently teaching Architectural Design at RV College of Architecture, Bangalore, India

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