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Life Aqua

These pieces can go alone or with a partner but they seem to be busy with themselves and are enjoying what they are doing.

DSC_0343 (Large).JPG

Set of Tiles

Splendid tiles as module which when repeated can create repeatable patterns

DSC_0923 (Large).JPG

Family of Owls

With their expressive eyes they can look wise, dumb, bewildered, cute, intelligent and so much more – all at the same time!

DSC_0947 (Large).JPG

Back to Earth

Pieces resembling images of how things would have ‘formed’ without the use of machines.

Screenshot 2021-04-19 at 10.50.37 PM.png

The Bookworm


Inspire the reader in you by an artefact for your table!



Leaves descending to your table...A haze of sunlight

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DSC_0722 (Large).JPG

Life Aqua

Describe what you offer here. add a few choice words and a stunning pic to tantalize your audience and leave them hungry for more.



A stylish way to present your plants! Bring an artisanal element to your shelf.

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